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Touch Easy Assistant is an app to make your Android system easier to control.

Touch Easy Assistant is an app to make your Android system easier to control.

Touch Easy Assistant is an app to make your Android system easier to control.

It is an assistant manipulation tool for your Android phone and it's All Free!

It saves your time from press all the buttons on the different pages of your phone. You can make the design as convenient as you will.

It offers all the function to improve the controlling efficiency of your Android phone.

What touch easy assistant can do?

? Touch Left button to open the browser

? Press Up button to foldup the frequent contacts

? Press Right button to set and quick open your favorite app to open the shortcut for apps

? Press Down button to memory clean and optimize and speed up your phone.

It floats on your phone screen, and can be moved to the edge of the screen as your wish.

It floats so that you can easily access all setting with one touch.

When you need it you can move it back to the center of your screen; when it is not needed you can move it to anywhere.

Easy Touch Assistant helps you to create your own shortcuts in one panel. We offer the quickest, easiest and highest customizable way to fast access functionality.

1. Phone Speeding Up

It is time to boost your Phone to average up the performance level. We charges the performance of your android device. Over a period the CPU of your device starts to drain because of Unwanted Background Apps that choke the device memory and prevents smooth functioning of Android OS and foreground tasks. It boosts system CPU / processor and Ram / Memory performance to optimized speed levels. Loads automatically on system restart and the booster sits in the notifications swipe down area to be called whenever the system speedup boosting is required. It improves not only system speed it also leads to longer battery life. Reports the memory cleared / optimized by the speedup booster. The dashboard displays current free resources like CPU, processor, RAM and memory. Has a task manager for manual fine tuning to kill any particular task hogging the system resources.

2. Frequent Contacts

From our research, all the phone users only have less than seven frequent contacts. When you try to find them from a huge list of your contact book, you wasted a lot of time. You will save a lot of time by trying to fix your seven frequent contacts in our frequent contacts shotcut in our app. Simply click the button to move or remove your contact list leading to the convenient calling for you.

3. Favorite App Shortcut

This app can create a shortcut to an application from the list of activities which are installed on your phone. Even if so many applications are installed, you can choose an activity smoothly. If you want to use the app which you don't use frequently, maybe you have no shortcuts for it. So, you may have to search the app from a list of many apps. Even if you know the name of the app, it's hard to find it. In this situation, it will help you finding the app. Please try!

4. Browser

Press one button to open the browser. We offer you the opportunity to make the recombination of your phone as your wish.

Be the king to control your phone and make it more personality as what you want. The phone will play in your regulation. Download our app and set your phone now.

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Toque Fácil Asistente gratuito


Toque Fácil Asistente gratuito 1.1.1

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